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Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Post of 2008

We are still blogging.......
Once a year. Oh well at least we aren't stuck in the mountains!!!! (I just used this picture to show my mom how to add a picture) Well this year has been GREAT so far.
~Katelynne Jones

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wow! This Will be the First Time of Blogging This Year!!!

So I've been great! We just had soccer tryouts and so I will find out weather I made it or not in a few days. I can't wait until spring break! We aren't going anywhere but at least we get school off! I am doing school gymnastics and it has been fun! We have had a couple of meets and I have done pretty good so far. I still haven't seen Misty's baby, Lilly. Oliver will be going to college soon!!! Danika isn't going to do soccer this year, but she is going to do soccer with the high school. Nice talking with you guys!!!

~Katelynne Jones

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We went to California on a vication!!!

Sorry we haven't blogged in ages, school is almost here! I'm going into 6th grade Danika is going into 8th grade Jason is going to be a freshman, or freshmen? any ways Oliver is 18 and is going to be a senior! (he started school late cause my parents didn't want him being the youngest in the class.)
We just got back from California! We went to Emily 's wedding (Emily Olsen, Emily Dutta now!) She got married to a guy named Raj. After the wedding we went to a six flags water world it was fun for the most part! Then we went to the jelly belly factory in the morning and then we had to leave a little early so we could get to sanfransisco to catch the fary thing majig to Alkitraz. Unfortunately we left a little late from the jelly belly factory so then my dad had to speed a little. Then we finally got to sanfransisco and we were going to barely make it. But instead there was a dumb parade that we had to wait for! So we ended up missing the fary thing majig to Alkitraz but we still had a nother chance! The other chance was to wait in line for 3 hours about to take other peoples spots that missed the fary thing majig too! after a while two people left the line cause they didn't want to wait any longer so we got to move up a little more! then another fary came and people in our line got to go on it and we were the last 6 to get on the fary thing majig! So if those two people wouldn't have left in front of us then we wouldnt have been able to go on the fary thing majig to alkatraz! It was fun in alkatraz we took pictures I will have to blog them soon! When we got back from Alkatraz we went out to dinner with the Olsens, our family, Krista Herzer and Sarah Hoak, and Emily and Raj.
Then after that we stayed in a cabin with Chris and Mary Olsen for three nights near Shaver Lake. We went on a hike to a lake it was about two miles and we stayed there for a while, Mary was the only one who got in all of the way. Then on the way back me, Danika, Jason, Oliver, my Dad, And Chris climbed this mountain of rocks, we climbed about 1,000 ft I think it was a nice view, we could see whear we parked the cars! Unfortunately we didn't have a camera with us all the way up there.
On the last day me, Danika, Jason, my Dad, and Chris went on a morning run in the forest! The day before Chris and Danika went and the got home fine. But when we went Chris had his GPS and erased all of the tracks just incase if we got lost. When he did that it didn't quite erase all of the tracks so when we just about finished the run, we took a wrong turn! So Chris looked at the GPS and noticed that if we cut through the forest then we would get home real easy, instead those tracks were the ones that didn't erase. So we ended up jogging for three miles and walking four, until my dad and Chris let us ask for some help and call mary to come pick us up.
Later that day we rented a pontune boat for a half day and we took our own little tour of Shaver Lake. we jumped of this big rock and took pictures of us jumping off I need to show you guys some pictures. Jason did a backflip off the rock and he did a swan dive it was cool, we also snorkled? or snorcled? Oh well, Danika and I tried to "intertube" by laying on a blow up bed thing that you float on and then hold on to a rope that we found but it didn't exactly work for us but it worked for Jason we have a picture of him. Evrything that I told you might not havebeen exactly true but for the most part it is!!!!

~ Katelynne ~

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Well we have not Bloggd for just about 4months!

On May 11th Danika had her birthday! She hasn't gotten all her presents. We still havent had a family birthday party yet. Although it's only been two days past her birthday, which is very rare for our family to have a birthday on the exact date. She has gotten 3 presents so far. #1 Orangish reddish roses.#2 two tanktops. #3duh duh duh..... Diamond earrings!!! My cousin Melinda is graduating from college and is going to Las Vegas to do another 4 years of collage. As allways Katelynne

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy New Year and LATE Merry Christmas

This Christmas I went to Priest River Idaho the two days before Christmas Day. Then we went to Grangeville Idaho on Christmas Eve and stayed in Grangeville untill Wednesday. Unfortunatlly, there wasn't any snow. There was only wind and rain. The whole time we basically played cards. The day we left it was predicted to snow six inches! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and New years. Don't for get to follow through with your New Year's Resolutions.


This is a pitcture a couple of years ago when we went haying at my grandma and grmandpa's farm. We had to load and unload about 5 flatbed truckloads of hay! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 20, 2005


This is Katelynne...and I accidentally cut my thumb in the process of sharpening my pencil with my scissors. I got 4 stitches in the emergency room on Thursday. The shot (all three) hurt really bad. The tip of my thumb is kinda tingly. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

this is what our hedgehog basically looks like. It is a picture from online Posted by Picasa

Hey how are you!!!!!!!!

Well, Im doing fine. We still have'nt gotten some pitures of the hedgehog but there is a book that I am just about to scan a picture of a hedgehog. It looks just about the same as our , well Danika's hedgehog. School is going great so far (like usual.) My dads birthday was just yesterday. My grandma was over for the weekend and left today. So she was at my dads birthday, also Chris, Robin, and Ethen were over, and of course my family. We don't have any pictures on the blog, because sombody dropped the digital camera (which is the secconed one we have bought,I think.) We did get pictures on a notrmal camera, but the time we get those pictures developed it will probably be next year in about October. Ifyou go to Robin, Chris, And Ethen's blog then you will see some pictures.